because it is the centre of the house. It is the place where you talk, laugh, celebrate and cook together. At Häcker, customers experience kitchen furniture in a fantastic variety. With these modern and sustainable kitchens, we generated sales of 727 million euros in 2021. The headquarter of the successful family business with over 2000 colleagues is located in Rödinghausen in East Westphalia. A collegial, creative and motivated team is waiting for you.


As part of the Häcker team you can profit from appealing benefits...

    • secure jobs
    • good chances for a permanent position
    • excellent career options
    • holiday & Christmas payments
    • training courses
    • feedback discussion and annual satisfaction survey
    • harmonious working atmosphere
    • bonus for great marks
    • trainee excursion
    • summer festival, employee day and Christmas party

    1. year of training

    2 days of professional school
    3 days at the company

    2. year of training

    1 day of professional school
    4 days at the company

    3. year of training

    1 day of professional school
    4 days at the company

    • you process wood, laminate, glass and metal in a variety of forms and shapes
    • you manufacture furniture and magnificent interiors
    • you learn everything about the professional handling of your tools like saws, drills, milling machines and many more
    • you operate state-of-the-art machinery and wood processing facilities
    • you lacquer surfaces and learn more about the special handling with lacquer and varnish
    • Technical understanding
    • Skilled craftsmanship
    • Interest for wood processing
    • Team skills
    • good general school graduation


    Because of this reason, there are three different ways for you to submit your application to Häcker Kitchens: