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The kitchen is the heart of every home. At Häcker, we are guided by our passion and team spirit to work on everything to do with kitchens, both nationally and internationally. You’ll find a wide variety of positions and functions for your career at Häcker.

As an owner-managed family business with over 2000 employees and a turnover of 727 million euros in 2021, we think and work sustainably. We pay close attention to a healthy company and management culture that is focused on our people. Our success has given us economic independence and provides our employees with a high degree of job security, lots of benefits as well as exciting development prospects.


Our employees receive an array of exciting benefits, from work bike rental to affordable train tickets. Find out why joining the Häcker team is worthwhile in lots of different ways.


Häcker Kitchens is committed to people and to the environment. For many years we have been working sustainably in order to improve both nature and society. Our focus on sustainability is founded on three pillars: Environment, economy, and social topics.